Friends of the Forest

Investigate and get curious about the wild world! There is so much to explore in nature! Whether it is in the yard, neighborhood or park; sometimes a fresh perspective and open eyes is all it takes. During Friends of the Forest, we'll work with campers to bring their curiosity to life as we learn about all the amazing friends outdoors! Deer, Red Tail Hawk, Bees and Beaver will guide the theme each day. Learning about these creatures’ habitats and behaviors will influence camp games, activities and art projects.

Instructor: Julianna Gay
Ages: 6-8
Dates: 8/17/20 - 8/20/20

10am - 10:45am: Online Zoom Meet-Up

11am - 2pm: Independent project/ activity time

2pm - 3pm: Online Zoom Meet-up

Cost: $90
* 1 additional sibling per family is allowed free of charge.
Please reach out to summer camp coordinator, Dana Rivkin for any questions:
Event has ended.
Sold out. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email summer camp coordinator
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