Little Trackers

Tracking is more than just footprints; it is the study of movement in nature and involves cultivating a keen awareness of our environment. Students are encouraged to become still and calm and use all of their senses to understand the stories being told.

Each day of camp includes movement, games, observation, and exploration outdoors. Campers will learn to read the signs of nature like words on the page of a book; uncovering the mysteries of when, how, and why animals are moving around. Campers will start to understand the relationships between animals and their environment and the web of life that surrounds them. These new tracking skills combined with readings shared from famous nature writers will aid in campers’ discoveries, inspiring them to create their own stories of connection to the natural world.

Instructor: Brittany Anna Mariposa
Ages: 6-8
Dates: 7/20/20 - 7/23/20

10am - 10:45am: Online Zoom Meet-Up

11am - 2pm: Independent project/ activity time

2pm - 3pm: Online Zoom Meet-up

Cost: $90

* 1 additional sibling per family is allowed free of charge.

Please reach out to summer camp coordinator, Dana Rivkin for any questions:
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Getting There